Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Rapid Fire! 20mm U.S armour in Tunisia 1943

What to do with that sea of plastic armour that JF and JMM gave me?

Normandy ? Ardennes? No, too crowded by now...

Besides most of the kits are Esci and Hasegawa (also some  Fujimi, Matchbox and Airfix) with  that tendency for mid-war period of the older plastic brands...

Tunisia 1943 emerged as the most obvious solution. For the Americans I only had built three M3 Lee fully finished and  based but always wanted to know more about Sidi Bou Zid, Kasserine pass and El Guettar. This was a good way to do it.

After doing some German vehicles you can see in some of the last posts, lets move to the U.S 1st Armored Division. 

One of the most interesting aspects of modelling this division is the yellow markings on their vehicles. It gives these vehicles a unique looks and the rest of the markings are also visually appealing. 

Sherman M4 and M4A1. The 13th Armored regiment had big yellow numbers painted on the hull and small black numbers inside the turret star.

 I didn't change the M4 VVS suspension into the M3 bogies as the VVSS were also used as replacements after the initial  heavy casualties, as this photo shows. Then this suspension became famous for many more Sherman types. The only big change was the mantlet that was reduced to the smaller initial version (M34 gun mount).

M3 Lee: besides the yellow markings they sported large white numbers in the front hull.

I placed the counterweight at the end of the 75mm barrel as many had so in the Tunisian TOW.

M3 Stuart: these ones had three red stripes inside the turret star.

This Matchbox Stuart has a crewman from Hasegawa and another one from Skytrex.

Soft skin vehicles: all are Esci.

Dodge WC51 carrying an heavy MG and M3A1 White for command.

GMC M6 37mm with crews from Esci and Hasegawa.

Germans ahead!! Lets get back to Fort Dick, sorry, Dix!...


  1. Very striking with the yellow, but it unfortunately limits them to use in North Africa, which is a pity.

  2. You are right Will but these is to use mid war vehicles as I already have 4 Sherman battalions for RF! NW europe 44-45. These last ones are mostly equipped with M4A3.

  3. Inspiring work. I love the look of Mid war North African Americans, and you portrayed them perfectly.

    You do very good work for someone who has so many models to build and paint!

  4. Really smart work. People often remark that WW2 stuff isn't as colourful or dramatic as, say, the Ancient or Napoleonic periods but this puts another view on that. I always enjoy your style.