Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lussonium Roman camp- Hungary 2013

The Lussonium Roman camp,  near Paks, Hungary, is a very rare and interesting place. There you can see a border military Roman camp (Tabor) facing the land of the Sarmatian tribesmen.

This camp could be the home of some 1000 men, about a quarter of a legion.

The Roman camp of Lussonium is on top a hill and at the entrance there is a reconstitution of wooden gates surrounded by a ditch 2 meter deep.  

At the end of the 500 metres long camp there are still some stone structures: latrines ( in which the legionnaires faced each other, and could place the conversation up to date...), barracks and administrative services.

To the south you can see the area occupied by the civil camp.

At the Lussonium museum you can see many roman artifacts from the Pannonia of the III and IV century D.C and also some nice dioramas of the Roman fort, this time with the most probable stone look.

From the hill where Lussonium camp stood you can see the barbarian lands of the Sarmatian tribes, a beautiful landscape enhanced by the autumn colours. 

Nearby passes the Danube, one of the most iconic and beautiful rivers of europe.


  1. I have also been in that place, really beautiful, especially the river!

  2. Have you? Don't remember you there ...😜