Sunday, 22 December 2013

Rapid Fire! 20mm - Leyland Retriever bridge carrier

What to do if you have two Matchbox 1/76th Monty's Caravan?

Monty only ordered one to be made with the famous Italian body so if you have more than one model you are exaggerating. 

Looking for the usual inspiration on the Rapid Fire! supplements I found a 6xwheeled Leyland   Retriever  (RTR79) smacked in the front cover of the Scenarios for NW Europe 44/45. 

Here is mine: 

The basis is the Matchbox kit. The changes are:

- a driver from the Airfix Buffalo/Jeep kit.
- a petrol drum from a Hasegawa Churchill.
- a styrene Evergreen cargo area (6cm x 3cm) and some mudguards.
- and four electricity posts taken from the spare box and cut into shape. In the inside some broom black plastic rod was glued. 

Now this one is ready for the Airfix Pontoon bridge. 

Happy Christmas to you all!!!


  1. Inspired! Merry Christmas to you JP and a happy and productive 2014.

  2. O que dizer? Para o amigo e respectiva família um bom natal, prospero ano novo e


    Um abraço.

    Mário Laranja