Wednesday, 26 February 2014

DBR- Battle of Mohács 1526 (part 6) - 20mm, first Sipahis painted

The converted Sipahis from two posts ago already painted.

These ones were conversions from Esci and Italeri with some extra details added.

The blue colours on most of these Ottomans vests were inspired on the Mohács movie I've showed you. There are many more available on the Osprey books and such. Search in the web for George Gush Airfix articles on Renaissance warfare. They are an excelent start for the period and mainly designed for wargaming.

The red flags are loosely based on the red flags of the Silâhtar Sipahis, one of the elite group of the household cavalry.

  A few extra were added like the Evergreen bow case...

... and an armoured chest protection    for everybody made out of painted Liquid GreenStuff and a turban from normal GreenStuff for one Sipahi per stand.


  1. Excelente e com muito boas conversões.

  2. Fantástico o conjunto de cores, parabéns.

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    1. Tás a ver? Lembro-me sempre de ti. Imagina se fosses uma gaja boa?...