Thursday, 18 September 2014

Alamo 20mm (part 3) - The armies.

The Texan "army". It is difficult to call it an army as it was a force around 200 men. 
Top left, the N.O Greys.
Down right, David Crockett's men.
Center, the main Texan force. 

The artillery was the most important part of the Texan defence, capable of sending shot and shrapnel on the attackers. 

Coronel Travis (Imex figure as the two next) with an added rifle.

The immortal David Crockett. Well, he was killed on this day...

Jim Bowie with his famous Bowie knife. On the day of the battle he was very sick and in bed were he was killed. Here he is in all it's glory gained in many duels.

A Texan artillery piece. Some other were siege artillery and others were former naval pieces. 

The Mexican artillery. Mostly Imex with Esci redoubts.

The Regimento Ativo Toluca  followed by the Regimento Matamoros. At the head of the column are the door breakers Zapadores (conversions using Esci and StreletsR figures). In the 2004 movie they are awesome!

The Regimento Permanente Dolores of Picadores (stingers). They are conversions of the Esci Polish lancers with Austrian 1805 heads. They killed every Texan that tryed to escape.

The assault ladders. Finally I have some usage to this  Esci old stuff. The artillery protections were also made from the same boxes. 

The Regimento Ativo San Luis followed by the Regimento Permanente Allende.


Detail of the Mexicans. For the plastic lovers you can recognise Revell, Esci, Airfix, Imex and many conversions. The greatcoats were part of the uniform of Mexican regulars so probably used in the night assault. 

The Mexican Estado-Mayor. Cós and the other generals are all present. 

Santa Anna itself. A conversion from a Italeri Napoleon figure  (quite suitable...) with a Russian General head.

Mexican markers for breakthrough (Esci French infantry officers from that crazy box which neither had 1805 uniforms nor 1812... Or had both depending if you see the figures from the front or the back...).

Regimento Permanente Aldama.

Regimento Permanente Jimenez followed  by the elite tiradores of the Zapadores, the best Mexican marksmen. 

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