Friday, 17 March 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm 1944 US Armoured Division - 'Gods of War' (in Stalin's words) are coming.

A battalion of M7 SPG are ready to support the general advance, I mean of course the general advance started a few weeks ago with this series of posts.

They are Matchbox kits with a sole Fujimi M7B1.

Side by side the two M7 of an SPG battery with OP jeep. The nearer is a Fujimi more modern M7B1 with side rollers and Mg bigger pulpit..

Even heavier here comes a battalion of M12 155mm SPG's. On the left you have two models from Fujimi and to the right an Altaya model.

I extended the rear base of the M12's as the crew operated mostly there. Here a crew of Irregular Miniatures...

...and here the crew is converted Atlantic plastics.

The Fujimi version of the M30 Ammo supplier for the M12's.

Help from the Corps: Long Tom's and tows from Hasegawa with an Altaya version of the lot arriving.

Old plastic conversions were used for the artillerymen.

Next: Recce.


  1. Nice- always like the look of an artilery park.



  2. Thanks Pete. Infantry and tank park are not bad either:)

  3. Thanks Will. Still a few posts to complete the US AD.

  4. Replies
    1. Já nasci assim. 3 quilos e não sei quantos de puro talento modelístico.

  5. Wow, that's a huge amount of hevy firepower. Nooone's gonna survie that!

  6. Huge and mostly useless as in 90% of the situations its indirect fire and thus off table. But my main pleasure at wargaming is to build whole units.