Friday, 16 February 2018

Rapid Fire! 6th Guards Tank Brigade in 20mm - (Part 3) 3rd Scots Guards

The 3rd Scots Guard advances to the departure line of Operation Bluecoat where they meet the batteries of Achilles TD that will provide protection against the Panzers...
This is the last of the brigade's battalion and its again a 1/76th scale unit: the Churchills are Frontline Wargaming and BPM and the Achilles are Britannia.
The command group has a Frontline Churchill MKVI and a a Frontline conversion with a 95mm gun.
The normal Frontline Churchills have the 6pdr gun and a few extras: Britannia figures, extra tracks from Churchills and Shermans, antennae, rear fuel drum and plenty of stowage.
These are the printed models from BPM. They are very similar to the Frontline models and also received the same extras. As they are the latest builds, have nets and some Hessian tape as camouflage.
Finally the Britannia Achilles. They also have some of the above extras and use some Airfix crews along the Britannia ones.
Next: the last four Churchill to the Coldstream Guards. They are 1/72nd scale PSC and will join the ESCI models of  that battalion.


  1. Thanks Marcin. I place all detail that i can into my stuff but i dont go crazy in exaggeration as the idea is to paint and build as much as I can before getting too old for that.