Friday, 25 May 2018

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - 11eme Cuirassiers 5th company and a few more bits

The 5th company of the 11eme Cuirassiers deploys close to the Meuse in a place called Mur de Pierre in an atempt to prevent the German advance. The 60mm mortar of the command company also joins and a very famous French tank, maybe the most famous, came all the way from Stonne to help with its tracks still dripping blood from crushed Germans...

 The Hotchkiss Mg's and crew are Lancer Miniatures and horse holders and MG carts Mle 1911 M.38 are scratch built items.  

The MG cart is built in Evergreen plastics, the MG is Irregular Miniatures, horses are Airfix British Napoleonics and the driver is Hat. The wheels are copies of Airfix 88mm gun wheels that as they are 1/76th scale fit closely this (pretentiously) 1/72nd model.

The 25mm AT gun is again Lancer Miniatures with Hat crew. The 1937 cart is also scratch built.

This cart has a Revell horse pulled by a Caesar figure with another one from Hat. The cart is Evergreen with the curved poles taken from surplus Matchbox Corvette parts.

The 60mm mortar and crew are Lancer Miniatures with horse holder from Caesar and horses from Hat. The boxes to transport the 60mm mortar and ammunition came from ESCI.

All my horses receive this treatment in order to stay firm in its bases. A blob of hot glue is placed vertically for the legs in the air for them to glue properly. Then if you mask the glue with static grass no one will notice what you did unless that anoying friend who always can notice if you changed socks.

Finally the famous Char B1bis Eure who destroyed 14 German Panzers in one sole action. Its a Lancer Miniature with a Skytrex Cpt Billote.

Next: More British and French tanks for 1940.


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