Sunday, 12 June 2011

1815 Prussian Perry Miniatures 28mm

Here are my 1st painted Perry Prussian infantry 28mm. They are great figures, slightly bigger than Hat, and more detailed.

Painting process: apply a matt acrylic black spray all over figures; then paint faces/lips /eyes so you can talk to your soldiers individually (great friends they are, as they always agree with you); paint  always the darker tone first followed by the lighter tone (50% darker tone+50% white), at least in the uniform and larger areas. Start from the inside details of the figures (cloth) and end with the outside details (weapons and equipment). Two coats of varnish in the end separated by a couple of hours: gloss and then matt. 

2nd and 9th infantry Regiment (they woke up very early in the morning...).

In the middle of the 2nd rank you can see a Hat Bavarian sapper with a glued Perry head and Greenstuffed beard and rolled blanket.

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