Friday, 17 June 2011

28mm Perry Miniatures Prussian Infantry- Steinmetz 1st Brigade

Here is the missing brigade for me to have all the Prussian infantry for Waterloo/Plancenoit.

12th Infantry regiment, with reserve black jackets. The flag carrier is a Hat Bavarian transformed. I glued a paper flag to the plastic. It is a little thick but passable. Officer and drummer also Hat Bavarians transformed.

24th Infantry Regiment, with reserve grey jackets.

The 26th Infantry regiment, not Steinmetz brigade but Kraft´s 6th Bgde, build and painted at the same time.

Detail of the command stand with a pioneer made of Hat body and a Perry head with  a beard in Greentuff. All other figures are also Hat bodies and Perry heads.

All flags in this post are conjectural and unofficial, as in theory none of this regiments sported any flag.


  1. Falta iluminação lateral...

  2. Estou a ver que temos eletricista na BT...-:)

    Excelente pesquisa e trabalho de pintura.

    Espero num futuro próximo poder ver in loco a batalha com todas as forças reunidas.