Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rapid Fire! 20mm, Ariete tank division, Italian Army North Africa, 1942

The Command M13-40
 of one of the Ariete
Armoured Battalions (Esci).

The full Battalion
 (Esci; Italeri 2 in 1 box; Altaya).

Semovente 75mm (Esci).
The commander on
the right is a toy fireman with added goggles,
but he really looks like an Italian tank crewman.

AB 41 armoured cars
(first two Altaya; last one
FrontLine Wargaming)
with added Esci figures).

47mm guns. Made of Evergreen
 plastic with crews
from everywhere,
even from Esci british/Zulu box.

One battalion of Bersaglieri.

Esci Italians, British
and others with added
heads with Greenstuffed

The Solothurn 20mm AT gun.
with copied wheels in resin.

Breda 8mm MMG. Evergreen also.

The full 4 Bersaglieri battalions of Ariete division.

One of these days I will have to start artillery and soft skins...damn crisis!

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  1. Soberbo.
    Tens razão já não me posso queixar da falta dos Italianos - Avanti Savoia.
    Gosto muito das Forças Italianas do periodo da WW2.
    Vejo que tens o DAK na sua maior força - venham os Brits.