Sunday, 6 November 2011

DAK Artillery (170mm and Lorraine 150mm) and Pz III´s

The Famo is a Revell kit and the 170mm Morserlaf is  Skytrex. Revell also produces the Morserlaf, but the Skytrex kit is in  metal and this piece was "heavy " artillery, so Skytrex was the obvious choice...

The figures are Skytrex and Revell soft plastic.

The Revell figure on the left is pulling the string to make the gun fire.

The pronged claws grabbing the piece to the ground were made in Evergreen. This is the fragility of this kit, as the Revell one is more detailed and has this parts to offer. Both kits are about the same price.

Now for the Sdkfz 135 Lorraines of the DAK. These are Skytrex metal kits, now produced with the hulks in resin, as metal price keeps on increasing and with this formula Skytrex keep very good prices.

One of the nice things about these vehicles is the unique camouflage. Four of these make the full complement for both Rapid Fire! DAK Pz divisions (two for 15Pz and two for 21PD).

The crew includes plastic figures, as some of the metal ones went to the Morserlaf.

These Pz III are Altaya (left, Pz III N ) and Italeri double kits (PzIII L).

The half tank crew man is an old Esci figure that belonged to the Kingtiger.

The great advantage of this double kit comparing to the Armorfast is the detailed hulk and wheels, on the other hand Armorfast offers the extra wheels to be carried laterally, which the Italeri doesn´t. So make your choice.

Either way these double kits now on the market are a good way to build armoured forces quickly and on the cheap side.

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  1. Espectacular JP. O terreno incluso.
    Gostei particularmente da peça de 170mm (modelo pouco visto).

    Continua c/ o bom trabalho