Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rapid Fire! Lehr Battalion Ramcke Brigade El Alamein 1942

This is my latest batch of figures and stands for the Ramcke Bgde. The Lehr (instruction) battalion was the heaviest of the brigade with artillery and AT guns. In this photo you can also see 4 more  Pak36 for the AT battalion of the brigade (1 missing to finish the unit).

The work started with a scratch built 75mm recoiless gun in Evergreen and Rocco small spare wheels.

The figures are the usual mix of bodies and heads from several brands all happily glued with Loctite super plastics/soft plastics.

Painted version with Kettenkrad.


The Kettenkrad (Hasegawa). After a missed experience trying to copy(sorry Mr Hasegawa) in resin the small thing  I decided to paint the only I had. Nowadays silicone, at least the one I´ve been buying, glues to the plastic matrix, which makes the duplication of parts impossible at least for me.

Worldwide request: PC, JMM, JF and the rest, could you give me spare Kettenkrad? I need 10 more. If not I will have to spend a lot of money ordering Academy or Hasegawa kits just to use some sprues... I will pay you in the usual way... No,no it is not what you are thinking!!

The figure is an Airfix torso with Greenstuff  arms. The vehicle has a number of stowage that was useful to hide the little pieces of silicone that got stucked. The FG42 gun in the rear was a way to justify why the left side artilleryman had a ammo belt across his chest, after forgeting to carve it off.

Revell and Esci conversion.

Airfix conversion.

Disguised Pak 50mm. It had to be desguised because it is one more mock up built from a number of different parts, and with the distinctable and difficult shield (awfuly done) well hidden.

Hat Pak 36.

Revell and Airfix all happily mixed together.

Half the brigade is done. Two more battalions to finish.


  1. Esta agora! Então não é que o JP está a oferecer "serviços pessoais" em troca de algumas kettenkrads? Ao que isto chegou...

  2. Este tipo está a gozar comigo.
    Enquanto coloco no meu blog o meu último tanque pintado em 1/144, este moço pinta uma unidade inteira em 1/72.
    Vou dedicar-me à pesca...

  3. I love the 7.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40. A nice build.

    Regards, Chris.