Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rapid Fire! 1/72nd 8th Army armour El alamein

Bishop (Esci) with added trailer (Esci 25pdr) and bins. The commander is an Esci modern soft plastic figure with his arm lowered.

PC: the photos are dark because most attacks during the El alamein campaign were made in night time... just for you to know.

This Crusader 2Pdr is a Armourfast double kit with added stowage and Bessa and Esci crewman.

Armourfast Crusader II mixed with Altaya.

The Crusaders III 6pdr are Hasegawa.

Airfix Matilda with crewman made out of an Esci torso and Valiant head.

Matildas from Airfix, Altaya and Fujimi.

Hasegawa Grant.

Left Row are Hasegawa and Altaya ; right row are 1/76 scale Airfix.

Hasegawa Honey.

The Honey on the top is a Matchbox 1/76 scale kit, with Britannia metal crewman´s head.

Altaya Bedford portee 6 pdr with Esci 25 pdr artilleryman.