Thursday, 17 May 2012

28mm AOE Waterloo 1815 - III French Cavalry Reserve Corps (Kellerman)

The full III French Cavalry Reserve Corps in AOE terms, just out of the brush.

Top left- Guiton Cuirassiers; top right- Blancard Carabiniers; bottom right-Picquet Dragoons; bottom left-Donop Cuirassiers.

All figures are plastic Perry Miniatures.

 The blue paper seems to work nicely for these napoleonic figures. I´ve seen it in the Napoleonic Archive booklets about Waterloo. They were also suggested by my good friend PC who knows everything about photos as he works in the porn industry (hey... as a photographer...) and you can see his constant nice remarks on this blog, regarding lingerie and stuff.


  1. My remarks are producing results, as everyone can see! However, miracles cannot be expected when you use a chinese-made digital camera.
    Speaking of porn: we are all waiting for you to send us more stuff from your private collection!

  2. As the true Hugh Heffner of photo I was expecting you to recognize the camera of a cell phone: chinese made digital camera my, better, your ass. But it´s true my friend, your remarks made me try to take better photos.

    1. Keep trying - you're not there yet...