Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lebanon 1982, 1/87th &1/100th scale Syrian SAM´s and AA units

SA-6 Gainful and radar vehicle. QRF 1/100th scale. These were most of the "Bekaa SAM´s" along with the SA-2´s not shown here (wait, cool down boys -and girls- one of these days... they still have to be scratchbuilt).

SA-8 Gecko. QRF 1/100th scale!... I think...but made by another company(?).

Shilka´s. To the rear there is a 1/87th scale Trident kit and to the front 1/100th scale QRF.

SA- 9 (front) and SA-13 (rear). Skytrex 1/100th scale.

A marriage (forced one...) between two 1/87th Roco pickups and (left) Evergreen scratchbuilt ZU-2-23 and Peter Pig  ZU-4-23, this one in 1/100th scale. Figures are 1/100th scale Peter Pig.

Again, Roco 1/87th scale Unimogs with Peter Pig guns and crew.

Toy truck of unknown origin and Evergreen scratchbuilt ZU-2-23 with Peter Pig crew.

37mm from the Really Useful Range (I agree) of Irregular Miniatures with Skytrex 15mm-1/100th scale crew.


  1. Obrigado amigo
    muitos do que aqui está foi feito com a informação que me enviaste.

  2. Vê lá que até foste ao deserto para tirar umas fotos fixes.
    Tás mesmo a ficar um especialista das fotos (só falta mesmo ficares mais fotogénico...)!

  3. talvez mais fotogénico, mas bonito, não preciso...