Sunday, 2 February 2014

DBR - Battle of Mohács 1526 (part 2) - B/W drawings

The movie I posted a few days ago is an extraordinary encyclopedia on the equipment and uniforms of the battle of Mohács.

The information is such that I decided to do some drawings on the soldiers and equipment of the battle from the movie it self. This way I can stop seeing the movie  almost on a daily basis and have a rest...

There are no specific plastic Hungarian figures in 1/72nd scale, the same for many of the Ottoman types. So I hope these plates are useful to make conversions from the existing Zvezda, StreletsR, Miniart, DDS and such. 

The Hungarians:

The Ottomans:

Flags and last uniforms:

Hope they can be useful to all who want to wargame this period.


  1. Very useful. I've a small Turkish force which I want to expand- these drawing will help.
    Excellent stuff.