Monday, 7 April 2014

Impetus, 20mm - Mohacs 1526- part 1, rebased miniatures

After a conversation on the phone with my friend JF ( yes, the famous one from Brigada Tripeira and O brigadeiro, the most famous Wargaming sites north of the river Douro, being this one the most famous south of it) he  convinced me  to change my Mohács 1526 miniatures from DBR to Impetus.

Impetus has some nice big bases that can take lots of figures (up to 14 heavy infantrymen, for instance) and the possibility of creating bases that can be true dioramas. 

Regarding the rules, well... JF say they are great and I believe him! 

Besides you can download the basic version for free from impetus site.
The Esci/Italeri Sipahis. 

And the Zvezda/ Miniart Hungarian noble cavalry.

Impetus looks very nice. You can have a nice looking Wargaming table, some very easy and fun mechanics (JF says so), a very supportive site and a lot of well written and investigated supplements.

Lorenzo Sartori, the Impetus and Dadi & Piombo boss is also an enthusiastic and helpful guy. You can contact him and always receive his support. 

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