Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pineapple Miniatures 1/35th scale - New figures for Portuguese flags,Buçaco1810

This is the second model you can change in the ACTA Belgian figures in order to have new Portuguese flag bearers.

To the right you have the original figure.
After a lot of X-Acto work you can take out the musket as you can see in the left figure. 

Then it's time to apply the heat of a lighter to bend the left arm into the desired position.

Finally use the drill (1,5mm)  to make holes in both hands. 
A thick broom thread heated also with a lighter, squashed at the end and cut to shape enters both hands and here you have a new figure.

These new ones will carry the military region flags (white, yellow or red field). 

As usual you can find the unique Pineapple Miniatures at the Buçaco Military Museum.

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