Thursday, 16 April 2015

Rapid Fire! 20mm, March 2015 DAK and 8th Army additions.

Last post material already painted.

The Krupp Protze and an extra Sdkfz 11 are always handy. I paint DAK vehicles with Tausept Ochre from GW. 

Sdkfz 251. The DAK symbol and its grey background are painted over the sand colour, the opposite way to reality.

The Italian 88's. I used GW Vomit Brown, a strange name but a nice colour for the Italians.

The Crusader II made from Frontline Wargaming hulls (from their AA Crusader I) and modified Airfix turrets. The Matchbox+Esci Pheasant is crewed by a "chinese" crew.  The colour for the British armour is Vallejo Yellow Ochre. 

I think the DAK colour is quite close. Both the Italian and British are not but as I already started these armies many dozen vehicles ago I will have to keep with these colours for the sake of uniformity. 

Now let's start with some more rare DAK vehicles like the most strange ones in Rommel's Kampfstaffel...


  1. Hello João Peixoto ,

    Your models are very beautiful...
    i look long time for your Tarawa Gaming Table long post back....

    please tell me, how did you scratchbuild the Weapons on it?
    and how long and deep are the Island?....
    I will build my own like this...but also Iwo Jimo or something...

    Greetings from germany Sid

  2. Hi Sid

    For you to scratch build the guns go to

    and you will find a lot of photos of the japanese guns in Tarawa. I made them in RoofMate (material of the insulation boards) and parts of old Atlantic models that came in toy format with strange scales.

    The island itself measures 1,20m X 2,60m but it should be longer, I just had no more space. Im also for Iwo Jima one day.

  3. Okay, thank you for this information...
    What did you use for water? carpet? or bedsheet?
    and which material for base under RoofMate? MDF? What measures the base under it?? I have MDF Bases in 500 x 1000 x 5,0 mm i have a lot of inspiration from this!

    And please build an Iwo Jima or Okinawa table....=)

    1. I ordered a big carpet the size of my Wargaming table. Then I cut from 3 mm MDF lots of small parts to serve as the base of the MDF Island and left out some of the wood to serve as the surrounding beach. The island are 3 (or 4?) parts with everything attached to it: MDF base/beach; styrofoam; carved trenches and sand bags. Only the above surface stuff is moveable: palm trees, bunkers, etc. if you wNt send me a mail and I can take some pics for you to see from under the table and other details.
      Happy construction mate

  4. Please write me your email adress...i will write you a mail... for pictures

    Very nice im happy about that....

  5. Very cool Blog! Link added :)

    1. Thanks. Yours is also quite nice and you have a new follower.

  6. Excelente como sempre JP, já não falando na rapidez de construçao e pintura -:).