Thursday, 2 April 2015

Visit to the Bruxels Army Museum

In Bruxels you can find a very big, packed and interesting military museum. 

The Army Museum is one of those old style, not much technological museums were you can find an amazing collection of uniforms, vehicles, planes and thousands of other military related items.

You have dedicated rooms to each of the Belgium main periods: Napoleonic wars, wars of independence, WWI, WWII but also a big area only for AFVs, another for aviation, etc.

The Renault FT-17. 
The family is always good for these visits as they can be used to show the scale of the military material. So always take one or two members to such a place. 

The British Whippet. 

The MarkIV. 

The Soviet Mig-27 of the Cold War period. 

The kid's happy face is due to our skipping of the Anderlecht stadium.
Many thousands more pictures can also be taken. But wether you look at the pieces or you take pictures of them. I preferred the first one. 

Ah, and it's for free. When in Bruxels don't let pass this oportunity. 

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