Monday, 27 April 2015

Rapid Fire! 20mm - Pz Sfl II for Rommel's Kampfstaffel, El Alamein 1942, part 2

Now for the complete model. 

The Pz Sfl II in the probably  best picture of this machine (from 5 or 6 available). There are no exact measures for this vehicle which gives some freedom of construction. You can also use the measurements for Hkp 902 chassis used on other more well known German AFV's. 

The model turned out like this. There is an extra road wheel taken from a surplus model and glued to this one in order to have a total of seven.

The jerrycans are home made and you can see how to manufacture them in this fantastic blog ( it's not me who say it it's the crowd out there !) from two posts ago. 

The crew are the PSC (many!) surplus models of the Marder II. 

The gun tube was taken from a broken  Esci 7,5cm PAK  with an Evergreen sleeve added. 

The usual GW GreenStuff was used for bedrolls.

The gun mantlet is a piece of carved hard styrofoam. 

Small details like shovels and such were taken out from an Esci Sdkfz 251 veteran of many battles cannibalised for parts.

Next: painting the Pz Sfl II.