Wednesday, 2 December 2015

American War of Independance in 20mm - Will McNally's Rules - FirstBritish regiments.

These are my first four British infantry regiments. Everything is Revell with two companies of Grenadiers from Airfix at the top.

They are from L to R: 52nd; 38th; 47th, 55th line infantry regiments.

 The flags are hand painted as in those days Warflag didn't exist or I still didn't find it. The flag bearers are standing musket soldiers without the musket and with added flag.

The few conversions are some Airfix Grenadier heads on Revell bodies. They become a little bit on the fatty side but hey, Grenadiers were expected to be the biggest guys in the regiment and probably the biggest eaters.

On the other side of the line the light infantry have caps simply transformed from the original tricornes, as it happened in real life.

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