Tuesday, 22 March 2016

American war of Independence- Will McNally's rules- British LightInfantry

For the Brandywine battle the British light infantry is seen apparently sporting some closed jackets with short tails. From illustrations of the time, 1777 seems to be the year from which the tricorne was also transformed into slouch hats with a pinned side and feather in true jäger style.

No such figures in plastic exist so some more transformations were necessary.

The basic models came from the old Esci Napoleonic British infantry. The figures were scalped from the shako up and a hat from the Revell AWI americans was glued. The feather was a bit enlarged with GreenStuff and after a proper paint job (necessary to hide small flaws) they are ready to help Cornwallys win the Birmingham heights.


  1. You are a painting machine. -:)
    Com as minhas tremuras lá iam as penas. lol

    1. Deixa lá as tremuras que dão jeito noutras circunstâncias! Já agora, a Boudica já voa e já está meio pintada e digo-te: a coisa vai!