Monday, 28 March 2016

American War of Independence - Will Mcnally's rules - 24 hour units(sort of British Minutemen quickly arriving at the shelves)

These two British regiments - the 37th and 46th line regiments - are probably my fastest build ever. I started to glue heads and drilling the hands of the colour bearers yesterday around mid afternoon and finished everything today around dinner time.
What is necessary for this fast built and paint:
- A very cloudy easter day;
- The kid on a friend's house;
- Wife entertaining herself while making home made soap;
- Lunch and dinner magically on the table, well, like everyday.
(they are not really finished, as you can see from the wet paste I use as foliage and non existant final varnish spray, but of course no one needs to know that, right?)



The only changes in the figures are the fur bonnets from the Airfix grenadiers on the Revell sapper and  drummer.
The two regiments have yellow facings which also speeded up painting. Once again these are the Austrian Revell 7YW figures. They make nice British for AWI in a classic pose contrasting with the Revell figures for the conflict which have a more dynamic look.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, we still have to meet personally as I have more things to show you other than model soldiers.

  2. Good painting, would not have thought of using Austrians as British!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks FF. The Austrian Revell are beautiful figures. If you don't consider the cuffs which are a bit too large you have nice figures for the European armies in the AWI like the British or French.