Monday, 16 May 2016

Lebanon 1982 - 1/100th scale Syrian Mig-21 and new aircraft stands

Tamiya 1/100th scale Mig-21 from Tamiya. Quite old moulds but recently re-released and proving Tamiya is a hell of  a brand. But I think many of us will never forgive Tamiya for never having made small scale tanks while making dozens of them in 1/35th scale! Bahhh, what a waste of fine plastic and talent, it remembers me GW...
Now for some aircaft stands. These champagne flutes can be found nowadays in supermarkets. They are plastic and cheap. Glued to balsa or other wood  bases  that you only need to texture and paint they make aircraft stands with a nice balance and capable of holding metal models. While glueing the flute to the textured base don't use super glue as it will release some white dust from the cyanoacrilate to the inside of the flute ruining the work. Use instead wood glue or hot glue.

It's always better by the dozen!

Turned upside down the flute has a recessed base which is ideal for ammunition and reserve tanks to enter and better support the model.


  1. E eu a pensar mandar vir da likto. Já sei aonde ir buscar stands para os meus aviões...-:)

  2. E se te chateares um dia com os jogos de guerra podes converter tudo num belo conjunto de copos para champanhe.