Thursday, 12 May 2016

Lebanon 1982 - Latest aircraft for Syrian and Israeli.

Recently I bought in OLX in 2nd hand the full collection (52 models) of the Fabbri/Italeri 1/100th scale aircraft, at 1 Euro each,  that roamed the skies a few years ago. On those days I was already probably around other collectables and another collection would have been too much as this kind of buying doesn't stay cheap and besides you buy what you want and what you don't want.

Eleven of them suits the Lebanon 82 campaign both for the Israelis (pretty much) and (only a few) for the  Syrian.

As they come already painted and the seller had already built them I didn't have much work only a few new camouflages and markings.

Only the Hind on the top is new, the one to the left is a Revell model. The full squadron is ready in spite of the Syrian Mil-Mi-24 Hind didn't participate that much in the campaign as their crews were not familiar with their new machines leaving the main task of attacking the Israeli ground forces to the Gazelle fleet.

This Mig 29 was not in fact in Lebanon in 1982 but it will be useful in a 'what if' scenario.

The Mirage III was kept in reserve, with their task being left to their younger brothers the IAI Kfir.

The F-15 bore the brunt of the fighting in the skies with the usual zero losses against many as said by the Israelis and a few losses according to Syrian and even American sources. The 'Turkey shoot' that the Israelis annouced on those days over Bekaa valley may not have happened in fact. The Syrians admited their losses in the air - over 80 - but the Israelis may have lost 21 of their aircraft.

Plenty more to fly in the next few weeks, while the fever lasts. Stay tuned.