Sunday, 15 May 2016

Lebanon 1982 - 1/100th scale Israeli F-16 and A-4 Skyhawk aircraft

Repainted Fabbri 1/100th scale aircraft again. The camouflage of the Israeli aircraft in Lebanon is one of the attractions for wargaming and modelling this campaign and the Syrian, as you will see, also have striking colours.
No decals, all markings are hand painted. The decals in wargaming  for me are always tricky specially when applied on planes. If you want to use several models of the same aircraft what generally happens in 1/100th scale is that numbers specially tend to be hard to find. Besides that if you paint your markings there isn't that problem with shining decals then a product to eliminate that, and then gloss varnish, and then matt, and then... something else in an apparently endless chain of tasks.
Next, some Syrian Mig-21 from Tamiya. See how organized this blog is becoming? It even warns the spectators about the next program like in TV!

And now let's everybody shout: 


  1. Some good work there JP I also have some tamiya 1/100th mig to build- my A-4 are my own kits made as Argentinian from the Old Glory listing we also have Mig 15 and coming up a mig 17