Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lebanon 1982 - Latest 1/100th scale T-72's and Phantom's

A few more Syrian T-72's for the 82nd bgde of the 3rd AD.

The command T-72 had their telescopic mast made out of a metal sewing needle as I run out of that size of Evergreen tube. The spider web structure are plastic broom threads. Exceptuating the Zvezda T-72 close to you  all others are Battlefront.

The Phantom to the left is a repainted Fabbri model with an elongated nose made of GreenStuff. The one to the right is a straight-from-the-box Tamiya kit.

The 3 colour scheme is made of Vallejo Iraqi sand, GW Mournfang Brown and Warboss green.

All markings are, as usual, hand painted (Uauuu...) so it's good to keep some distance not to see the flaws :)