sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2016

Rapid Fire! Blitzkrieg in 20mm - Reinforcements for the 1st and 3rd German Leichte Divisions.

I managed to finish a third battalion of Blitzkrieg German Infantry and a few more Czech Pz38t, Pz35t  and armoured cars.

Not much new this time with the exception of the middle row of tanks which are the Pz35t for the 1st Leichte division.

This is the Pz35t from First To Fight  with added crew from PSC leftovers.
(Sh.... barrels glued upside down! Ok, corrected, if only discovered march 2017... shameful).

Now a comparison between the Pz38t from First To Fight (left on both pictures) and Frontline Wargaming (right on both pictures). They are very similar and Frontline 38t only needs some MG's which came again from surplus PSC parts.

Altaya Pz38t (top) and PSC Pz38t. Here the main difference are the rivets on the PSC model which are almost non existent in the Altaya model.

Good old Matchbox  in all its glory! (finally I found what to do with them).

The crew member is the old and useful driver of the ESCI King Tiger.

Nothing new with the infantry. Again all possible plastics and some conversions on mortars, HMG's  and radioman. Blitzkrieg fever is slowly passing and giving its way to Guadalajara, Brunete and the Ebro... if you know what I mean...

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  1. Extremely impressive JP. You have done a wonderful job with an excellent use of spares and conversions. Well done indeed.

  2. Lovely selection, I am tempted by the First to Fight 35t

    1. Thanks Will. FtF are really good models. They tend to do all parts really up to scale which makes them flimsily sometimes but you can always replace them by thicker plastic or wire

  3. Respostas
    1. Thanks. Blitzkrieg is really a colourful period (if dreadful also) with small but very interesting armies. And even the Germans are far from the power of 1942-43

  4. Thanks friends. Not a good memory for Greece though.