Friday, 23 December 2016

Rapid Fire! Blitzkrieg in 20mm - Eben-emael, 1940

The German attack on the Belgian fortress of Eben-emael is a striking image on the imagination of every WWII buff.  A group of less then 80 Glider borne attackers dominated 800 defenders after careful planning. The standard ratio of 1 figure to 15 men in Rapid Fire! terms is what you can see in the picture but hopefully in the future another two or three gliders and bunkers with a few more paratroopers can produce a ratio of 1 to 2 which can be more apropriate for these kind of small actions and possible in Rapid Fire!

 The bunker is a two piece Frontline Wargaming model. I think it's no longer produced but something close can be scratch built.

The German paratroopers are hard plastic Preiser in 1/72nd scale.

The DFS 230 Glider is another Frontline Wargaming model. Only the struts connecting the fuselage to the wings were added as extras.

Also only two additions to the bunker: some barbed wire and a camouflage net. The joint between the two roof top and the walls is not the best but in the end is a nice and big model that portrays well the Belgian forts and that can also be used to the Maginot Line.