Monday, 16 October 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm D-Day, the British Beaches - (Part 3), Commando and Royal Marine Commando LCI(S).

According to Rapid Fire! D-Day supplement you need two LCI(S), one for Gold and another for Sword Beach to transport the Royal Marine Commando and Commando units on the day.
I made them in plywood mostly with many plastic parts added.
The Oerlikons are Britannia metal parts with plastic crewmen.
The funnels are pieces of Evergreen tubing heated to shape. As usual I made the masts extra large for more security.
I left plenty of room vacant for the 35 figures each boat has to carry.
These two were a fun to built and most of the inspiration came from the Sentry models that RLBPS is kind enough to show on its site.
Next; The Ouistreham Casino.


  1. They are a pair of superb scratch-builds.



  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Al. Quite appropriate for the symbol you use on blog:)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Will. It's the most pleasant part of the hobby, I mean after building the thing from a resin company :)

  4. Great work, very nicely done.

    Cheers, Andy

  5. Excellent idea Joao! Well realised and executed. I must pinch this idea forthwith. Keep up the good work