Thursday, 26 October 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm D-Day, the British Beaches - (Part 5), LCT's 4

The LCT- 4 are some of the most elegant boats of WWII. You need quite a lot of them for the British beach assaults as they were carrying the famous Hobart's funnies. I built them in balsa wood one at a time. Even when I found that some of the measurements were not entirely correct I kept on using them so all boats were exactly the same. These things turned out really big with 70 cm lenght.
Each of them carries the same load: a Churchill Bridgelayer, a Churchill Fascine, a Bulldozer D7 and a Sherman Flail.
The construction is a bit crude as balsa wood is not exactly my favourite material, but with many plastic details and the animation provided by the figures  and AA guns the final result is Ok.
The figures are from Airfix and Revell with some conversions.
The funnels were leftovers from the Matchbox Flower Corvette and the Oerlikons are scratch built.
The D7 Bulldozer are built in plastic card with altered Atlantic tracks from those strange and out-of-scale vehicles of their 1/72nd scale range. Not 100% accurate but close.
Flail at work! Airfix model.
Flail at rest! Brittania models.
Converted Matchbox Churchill to Fascine. The wood bundle is a real wood bundle!
Another at work.
The Churchills Bridgelayers are Britannia  and Matchbox. Somewhere I read that the bridges themselves were painted white and so they were.
Next: quick return to moderns. In fact I served in the military in the modern days not WWII! Well... really I never served in the military but I sure do like them !!!


  1. Lovely models, especially the dozer.

  2. I continue to be impressed by your modelling skill. Those LCT look great! As do the Funnies.

    1. Thanks Ross. Many years turning over barbecue chicken (muitos anos a virar frangos, as we say here)

  3. Thanks Evil... never thought about thanking to Evil itself but Ok.