Saturday, 28 October 2017

Rapid Fire! Russian Contemporary Wars in 20mm - First few Butlers' Printed Models (BMP's fom BPM) and a few more repainted Fabbri tanks.

 I've showed you my first experience with printed models when my friend Mario Laranja printed for me 10 T-72B2 that I used for Georgian and Russian forces.
A few weeks ago I went to Butler's Printed Models (BPM) site to discover that these guys make a wide range of vehicles for WWI, WWII and modern periods. And nice they are. Not only the plastic is strong enough to cope with rough wargamers hands and their sons as the level of detail is very good. But you can judge on yourself by the picture of these BMP-2.
With only two pieces, hull and turret, you have all details necessary from headlights to Spandrel missile launcher. For now you can always find some lines from the printing process of nowadays printing machine. The next batch I ordered will have those lines covered - hopefully- with GW Liquid Green Stuff.
I took advantage of the primer cloud to paint the last three Fabbri tanks of my T-90 battalion.
Also one repainted 2S9 Nona from Fabbri already joined the VDV unit.

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