Saturday, 2 December 2017

Rapid Fire! 6th Guards Tank Brigade in 20mm - Part 2, 4th Tank Battalion Coldstream Guards

This Churchill Tank Battalion was built around the 1/72nd scale ESCI model of the Churchill MkIV which you could see in numbers in the 6th Guards Brigade around the time of the Normandy campaign. Still four Churchills are missing, not for having problems dealing with the hedgerows but  with nowadays mail from England and, on this case, from PSC headquarters. 

I slightly improved the ESCI model with the usual different crew (Matchbox figure from the Humber AC), extra stowage, air recognition pannel and antennae. For the camouflage net/foliage of these ones I tried a new approach: I used Noch birch leaves on top of blobs of wood glue, let them dry overnight and repainted it in darker colours with a finish of lighter dry brush.

The 95mm CS Churchill is again a conversion of the Frontline Wargaming model with a crew from Britannia. The names of all these tanks are the true ones used by the Coldstream Guards in 1944/45. This one was 'Barossa' of  Peninsular fame.

Attached from the 79th Armoured Division is this Churchill Crocodile from Britannia with a crew figure taken from an ESCI  model.

This time the  Achilles supporting the Coldstream are 1/72nd scale Armourfast kits. I used all 1/72nd models in this battalion (including the PSC Churchills that are about to arrive) while the two other battalion have 1/76th scale models, both for the Churchill companies and Achilles batteries.  

Plenty of stowage, crew, and foliage was used on these ones as while these Achilles Armourfast models are very well designed they skip some important details.

Next: most probably the 3rd Tank Battalion Scots Guards to finish this brigade.


  1. You have done exceptionally well with the models that you have Joao. I didn't want to buy the Achilles for the same reasons you express. It is a cracking unit and I hope you get the PSC Churchills very soon to complete the project. Well done my friend.

  2. Thanks SRD. Last battalion is mostly Frontline wargaming and I'll add a few ButlerPM to finish it.