Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Rapid Fire! - British bits for early desert

Just a reminder that there is summer and heat in the world also. I had these primed for a long time and finally, a bit out of context, I decided to paint them. The A9 are the surplus from three boxes of PSC that were intended fully for the BEF. Then I realised that not all were necessary even for the whole 1st Armoured Division. So they received some Counter Camouflage Scheme and began their trip to Lybia to join the 7th Armoured.  The same for the lonely M3 Honey from Matchbox.

A few bedrolls and antennae are the only additions to these models.

Next: a return to France 1940.


  1. We like a lot this desert blue !
    And especially the tracks and exhaust pipe very realistic !
    Bravo !šŸ˜

  2. Thanks L'Empereur. Back to france now.

  3. Very nice looking models.

  4. Very nice indeed . I do love that 3 colour scheme. Myown British for the period in 15mm have that scheme- though yours are better painted

  5. Thanks Big Andy. Ä°n fact this painting scheme didn't come as planned as I wanted a grey tone of blue and the paint from the jar came out like this...