Thursday, 19 April 2018

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - Last tows for the 75mm guns of the DI

These are the two last limbers for 75mm guns of a French DI. They are scratchbuilt in plastic card and the horses are copies of  Britannia models. 

The only factory models are the crew of these limbers and in fact these leftovers are the reason for  choosing to scratchbuild these two pieces.


The wheels are leftovers of the 75mm guns that got solid wheels. The limber box itself received rear doors, towing hook and side handlers all made of plastic card. 

I used the Irregular Miniatures models as the matrix of both the two Airfix limbers and these ones. 

A final detail are the cables made of thin cord uniting the horses to the limber. 

The Britannia horses were copied with InstantMold and filled with two paste filler. 

Next: whether the Dana artillery systems for Georgians 2008 or French cavalry or a few more Panzers  both for the 1940 campaign.