Saturday, 2 February 2019

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - French Divisional Headquarters

Close to the village of Nous-Sommes-Foutus a Divisional Headquarters tries to find a way to stop the Invading Germans relying on a new piece of information brought by a cavalry reconnaissance officer that has just arrived...

The figures are Hat, Revell and Caesar with the ageing French General being constructed from the torso of the Matchbox Montgomery, a pair of German legs and a kepi from the Esci Foreign Legion. 

The Revell officer showing the map is the WWI French officer with a new arm. 

The Caesar horse holder also received a new arm. The Horse is a Napoleonic Revell piece with some extra stowage. 

The Renault ADH is a Wespe Model. The model is a true collector's item and, tipically from these kind of kits, it is not an easy construction. 

I strengthened the more flimsy parts with blobs of GreenStuff as you can see in the headlights and antennae. Also the junction between the axis and the wheels had the same treatment. 

The idea is to use this last build with the towed office from a few posts ago. 

Next: some attention to the plain French infantry material.