Saturday, 25 May 2019

Rapid Fire! France 1940 - Allied reinforcements from MiniGeneral, the fish market and the flea market

In a carrefour of Northern France, in the beautiful place of Jolie Place, a Belgian and a French General watch from the inside of their staff cars two British armoured columns. Without knowing,  the left column will break its teeth at Arras as part of the Frank Force and the one from the right will suffer a similar faith at Abbeville along its companions of the 1st AD.

The A12's are 3d prints from MiniGeneral. They are nice renderings of the Matilda II of the BEF.

The BEF model had a raised suspension and Vickers Mg ...

... and an unditching tail and only one exaust pipe.


MiniGeneral models in the form seven new Mark VIc light tanks.

In the local flea market I found one more Altaya model, this time a Panhard 178. I changed this model's camouflage with some thin lines of sand between the green and brown original camouflage. I toyed with the figure that started its life as a Spanish tank commander of a Minairons T-26. I made a French tank helmet and goggles out of two component paste and an original figure came out.

Being forced to go with the wife to the local fish market has its positive side as I found in a small toy shop inside these two die-cast cars. They are more cars from the 20' than from the 30'/40' but they were around 20mm size and reasonably detailed. I repainted them and made one the transport of a French general and the other the transport of a Belgian General.

Next: more France 1940 models or the start of my Bir Hakeim French units


  1. Great work- love the repurposed staff cars.



    1. Thanks Pete. Only if those million of 1/43rd scale cars could be 20mm...

  2. Nice work mate, I do like the cars!


  3. Thanks Matt. A bit 20' but there aren't more easily available.

  4. Nice work and who can resist a bargain?

    Cheers, Andy

  5. Thanks. No one in fact much less me.