Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Rapid Fire! Poland 1939 in 20mm - Armoured and artillery reinforcements

In the last few weeks I've been entertained again with the Polish army for the 1939 campaign. My idea is to make: 
- a full infantry division (1 in 9 battalions made and 0 artillery),
-  a 7TP Tank  Battalion  (done), 
- Three other tank companies with other models (Vickers E-done; FT17 and One-turret Vickers- still to be started), 
- an independent artillery regiment (just started), 
- two cavalry brigades (0 made up to now), 
- an armoured train (done),
- and the 10th Motorized Brigade (just a few vehicles made). 
- 6/7 aircraft (almost done)
Like this I can have units for some of the most balanced battles of this short but furious campaign. 

 Its a very interesting campaign and if was not not the wrong strategic atempt to defend the whole border (and also the Soviet attack on the eastern border) the Polish army just might have extracted a heavier toll from the Germans and maybe , just maybe, the British and French would have intervened in the western German frontier and History could have been different. 

The two small TKS TD with the 37mm Bofors were given to the 10th Motorized Brigade and seem to have entered in action. The model is a MiniGeneral 3d print. 


I just scratchbuilt the ammo trailer in EverGreen plastic card and the crew in two component paste.


The heads for the crew came from FtF and Revell (a WW1 German head that fits nicely the 10th Motorized Brigade infantry).

The last Vickers Mk.E also from MiniGeneral. The  rest of the company already made are FtFmodels. According to Robert Rycharski information the Vickers tank companies were mixed so I will have to organized them with both single and double turrets models. 

These last 8 MiniGeneral 7TP are enough to complete this tank battalion (1X command tank; 3X companies with 3 tanks).   The other two already on the shelves are FtF.  

Reconnaissance vehicles: the 'Ursus' wz.29 and a few models of the TK and TKS tankettes all from MiniGeneral. With the ones already made from FtF I can use two of them for the armoured train 'Smialy' and three of them in each of the cavalry brigades. 

The first battery of 75mm 1897 guns for the 10th Motorized Brigade. The 4CP's are FtF.

The guns are Hat with FtF figures.

The wheels came from the Hat Polish artillery crew set. Only four were provided and the other four were casted in two component paste. 


The horse artillery is again Hat. The artilley pieces came from the WW1 US artillery set and the figures are Hat  Polish artillerymen. 

The limbers are scratch built in EverGreen and the horses were converted from the Hat Persian Medium cavalry. Here a big Thanks to Robert Rycharski for the excellent pictures he sent me for the Polish 75mm 1897 guns and limbers. 

The Horses had the harness made in two component paste. The sitting figure and the horse rider came very handy for this battery. Well done Hat!!

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