Saturday, 4 January 2020

Age of Eagles (AoE) - Bussaco 1810 in 20mm (part 16)- Crauford's Light Division

 While the Caçadores and the 95th rifles retreat in an organized way from Sula, the combined light regiments of the Light Division prepare the deadly trap for Simon's infantry.

Crauford  stands  close to 'Crauford's rock' and to the right you can see its famous windmill. The 43rd and 52nd LIR are Hat with the usual Esci conversions for the standard bearers. Crauford should be on foot and the LIR regiments didn't carry their flags. 

The Caçadores 1 are Revell rifle's bodies with Airfix Belgian Shakoes. In 1810 the Caçadores still didn't receive the newer Stovepipe Shako and still sported the Barretina. Funny enough this one would be the main influence for the British 'Belgian Shako' of 1812. 

The same happened to Caçadores 3 this time with Esci British heads.
The 60th rifles figures of the first photos stand for the 95th rifles that are still not painted.

Next: return to France 1940.

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