Thursday, 23 January 2020

Rapid Fire! Desert War 1940-43 in 20mm - Fresh DAK reinforcements

At the Oasis of Ras-al-Festung (I was about to call it Ras-al-Wiederstandnest but it sounded too complicated and little Arabic) a strong Kampfgruppe from the DAK awaits the British onslaught. 

This is the 3d printed MiniGeneral Guy Lizard ACV. The model is big but very simple and complete with some parts printed separately for more detail. The usual antennae were stuck after drilling 1mm holes and a  command figure was made this time from a PSC torso from the Marder set with GreenStuff arms. 

It was obviously  painted with the original British Counter Camouflage scheme. 

Big German crosses and a Nazi printed flag were added in the end. 

The Horchs 108 with 20mm AA guns are again MiniGeneral. The car is quite nice, only a bit difficult to clean in its inside as I told you about the ones built for the 1940 7th PD.  The gun is relatively simple but captures very well the original look. Another separate part is the gun base that sits comfortably inside the car. 


The crew is made of figures from Airfix, Zvezda, Esci, Revell and Matchbox with a few conversions. 

The trailers are conversions from the MiniGeneral Flak 20mm gun limber. A structure of Evergreen plastic card was built on top and various bits of stowage were added.

The painted symbols are those of the 19th Flak-Division. 

The 50mm Pak guns are PSC. The crews came from different brands as I already used a number of them in other models.


In this one crew is Esci, Airfix (mountain troops set) and hard  plastic Airfix.

Mostly PSC crew and one Airfix.

This one had a Zvezda crewman from the 75mm anti-tank set.

With these ones I have 12 of these 50mm Pak stands. The problem is that a total of 27 are necessary for the three main divisions of the DAK. These little greedy things  were used in the anti-tanks battalions and also in the Panzer grenadier companies when the less-men more-weapons organization came in 1942. 

Finally the last of a total of 12 PzIV necessary for the two Panzer Divisions was added. The model is an Hasegawa F2 offered by my friend JMM with a converted PSC figure.

Next: Iranians for the Iran-Irak war. 


  1. Excellent additions my friend


  2. Looking very good, João.

    The Guy Lizard makes an interesting stand-in for an AEC Dorchester, too. As far as I know, only 7th Armoured Division were issued with them, so you would be quite justified marking it up as a "Desert Rat" if you wanted to.

    Regards, Chris.

    1. True Chris. In fact I ordered 3 of these Guy Lizard convinced that two (max and moritz) were used by Rommel only to find that these were Dorchesters. Thus the other two will go to the British in the Desert (7th AD as you said)and the other one to the 1st AD of the BEF.

  3. Thanks Matt. Glad you enjoyed them.