Saturday, 23 February 2013

20mm Rapid Fire! Painted Sherman II (PSC conversion) for El Alamein, Pt 2

Painted Sherman II from last post. One company has camouflaged tanks from a nice picture I found from a Bison decal sheet.

Tanks were painted to be used in any of the 1st regiments of any of the armoured brigades, that is, without divisional symbols.

Added stowage made of repair putty and boxes made out of plywood .

Here you can see the converted M3 bogie trucks with top return rollers. As soon as you do this on any M4 bogie return roller from any kit brand you have the basis of Sherman II. If I had remember this before I would have done it in the Esci/Italeri M4A1.


  1. Nice painting. JP.
    Great basing. I specially like the antenas and flags.


  2. Man they are swwet.!! I love the way the models are presented.