Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rapid Fire! Russian trench and fortifications, Kursk 1943

These trenches are made of  raw clay and PVA glue, all mixed by hand. When dry, the paste becomes very hard. The sand bags are repair putty. The trench supports are plywood. Everything is glued to a piece of hardboard.

Company trench with Mortar emplacement.

Company trench with Light Artillery emplacement.

Heavy weapons/infantry company emplacement.

Frontline Wargaming trench and log emplacement.

This other Heavy weapons/infantry company emplacement has an extra rear emplacement for artillery.

Another type of Company trench with rear support point.

Another Log Bunker by Frontline Wargaming.

Resin (DRW) Russian Bunker in 1/87th scale.

Heavy Artillery emplacement. I made many of these as they fit the medium and heavy artillery battalions you can see in previous posts.


  1. Fantastic stuff-you have been very busy!

  2. JP, Nem sei o que dizer acerca destas 3 ultimas mensagens publicadas.

    Nem nos meus sonhos alguma vez poderia realizar uma tarefa tão empreendedora e grande.

    Bom trabalho/Parabens.

  3. Um gajo do cara**o.!

    Quem me dera a mim!

    I wish!

  4. I am very impressed not only with the size of you Red Army but also with the quality. Your technique is excellent. This is a project to be marvelled at.