Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rapid Fire! (1/76th scale) Russian tank corps, Kursk 1943

 The second Russian Tank Corps I made was entirely built in 1/76th scale excluding the T-70 which are 1/72nd scale. Also placed here the american Lend-lease M3.

4th brigade: T-70 - Britannia; T-34 Matchbox and Frontline Wargaming.

5th brigade: same as the 4th, with PSC T-70.

6th brigade: M-3 - Frontline Wargaming; T-34 - Atlantic.

The Frontline Wargaming T-34 with added MG, fuel drums and stowage.

This was a crazy project in order to use the Atlantic T-34 of which I had plenty. The Atlantic version is a reasonable hull with a T-34/85 turret filled with faults. So, if used from the box, something pretty ugly comes out. I cutted the turret in the same way as I did to the Armourfast ones and built the same mantlet with a new Evergreen 76,2 mm gun. This one has a ESCI crewman.

Two of the Atlantic T-34 went to the recovery version. Quite easy to do as you only need a new cuppola and some stowage.

Another battalion of  M-3´s. The four to the left are Frontline Wargaming and the one to the right is Airfix.

I placed the balance weight to the barrel of the gun and a Skytrex crewman, besides the normal stowage, antennae and MG.

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