Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rapid Fire! 20mm Volksgrenadier Division, Ardennes 1944

This division mixes some dozen white clad painted germans from Revell I had in a box from a long time along with Richard Marsh Battle of the Bulge RF! Suplement. Then you just need to add some dozen new figures,  a few artillery, some Hetzers everybody has (but many time don´t know what to do with them), some crazy conversions and you have a Volksgrenadier division for the Bulge, as you need limited numbers of figures and specially vehicles to do it.

1st Volksgrenadier Regiment: with just two battalions, these regiments are made out of a mixture of Revell, Italeri, Irregular Miniatures and DAK Airfix figures. The 75mm IG are Hat.

The 1st Anti-Tank company is made of many conversions using Revell 1942 infantry with SHQ metal Panzerschreck (left) and ESCI hard plastic figure from their Sdkfz 251 with another SHQ Panzerschreck (top right).

The snow effect on the stands is just fine sand with white acrylic and a little PVA glue all mixed and splashed with an old brush.

The 2nd Anti-Tank company is made of straight from the box figures by Revell, Italeri and Hat.

2nd Volksgrenadier Regiment.

Divisional commander (Revell and Valiant figures).

3rd Volksgrenadier Regiment.

Two battalions of 105mm FG (Revell with assorted crews), RSO (Altaya) and Opel Maultier (SHQ).

Following Richard Marsh advice, a battalion of FK16 75mm WWI era (Hat) with limbers (Revell). The artillerymen are Valiant conversions. The OP are Irregular Miniatures with Airfix jungle outpost bykes.

The Revell limber with Valiant conversions. The mounted artillerymen are the Hasegawa horse riders that comes along the M3 Stuart with Valiant heads.

Carts: conversions from  Hat and Italeri Napoleonic horses, Atlantic wheels and GreenStuffed coated figures with Valiant heads. The Opel Maultier is Altaya and the VW are Roco and Diecast.

The Hetzer campany: closest are ESCI and farthest is Altaya.

The Reconnaissance company: figures without bikes are the usual mix with some Revell figures carrying hand grenades made into Panzerfaust carriers; the ciclists are Hat.

The two engineer companies (mainly Revell pioneers).

Medics: Revell conversion (left) and Airfix british sailor on LCM with Valiant head (right).

Medic (Hasegawa).

The full division ready to get back to quarters, I mean, shelves. Still a few limbers and carts missing. Hopefully next week  some boxes of Hat German WWII carts arrive from Caliver Books to complete the division. The 155mm artillery battalion will have to wait. Crisis Oblige!


  1. Thanks Will: can I make you a suggestion? Base your vehicles. They will get even better as you already have resin ones already based.

  2. Fabuloso. JP
    Só é pena que não consiga abrir as fotos para ver melhor os pormenores.