Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Rapid Fire! 20mm - 16. Luftwaffe Field Division, Normandy 44, part 4: Russian limbers for the field artillery

The 16.Luftwaffe batteries used captured Russian guns whose limbers are necessary in plenty and don't exist in the main stream plastic brands. So I scratch build  all the 16. Luftwaffe limbers. It's not a very difficult task if you keep it simple and I could use finally the extra stock of Revell German horses I had, besides being fun and cheap. 

If you google 'Russian limbers WWII' plenty of images of this model will show up, mainly the 1942 model,  and you are done with references. Specially follow the images of 1/35th scale models. 

The idea was to use my beloved Evergreen material to produce the carriage of the limber and to use extra wheels from the Airfix 88's carriages, Atlantic, and others I had around of undetermined origin. 

The curved rail was made in wire. Metal was also used for the wheel's axis.

All you need is to C.U.D.I.G ( cut, open, drill, invent and glue).

The holes in my fingers come from the electric drill 'cuding' other holes in the carriage for the curved rail, so be careful with this devilish device. 

Reading, Hmmm? A very dangerous activity in nazi Germany...He will end up in the Russian front and not reading Pravda...

The rest of the model are Revell horses and horsemen from the artillery set. The seated soldiers are Preiser and Revell.  You also need to glue a pick and a shovel respectively on the right and left sides of the carriage. The perpendicular bars are sewing needles bought in a Chinese shop for a few cents after running out of the equivalent Evergreen item.

With 10 limbers, 40 horses were necessary and all will be used for the batteries of 76,2mm and 122mm.  

Next you will see these ones painted, that is of course if I don't start something worse. 

Keep tuned. 


  1. Splendid conversions, I plan to use the HaT WW1 limber .

  2. I used mine for the ACW and the guns for the Volksgrenadier.

  3. This is splendid stuff, Joao. We have in mind to do the Russian versions of your limbers. Good use of your horse numbers. Sometimes the length of horse drawn vehicles can get out of hand.