Monday, 20 July 2015

Rapid Fire! 20mm - 16. Luftwaffe Field Division, Normandy 44, part 10: Jäger battalions finished!!!

Yes, yes my friends, I know this is getting kind of dull and repetitive but...
Finally!! My sixth Jäger battalion is complete and that means all three regiments of infantry for the 16.Lw FD!!!

Again the same mix of soft and hard plastics, using PSC, Esci, Revell, Chinese Airfix and Atlantic.

I also built some more 120mm mortar stands from PSC and these recruits will join the first 3 battalion which had none of these weapons up to now

The Forward Observers are PSC figures from the PAK38 box. PSC offers 6 per gun which is too much for Rapid Fire! rules so you can use the extra figures as FO or radios for the command stands.
Next, as SRD predicted, Revell pioneers and Hat bicyclists for the last two units of the division. Ah, and these guys had the company of Artillerie- PaK Abteilung 1053, a unit from the Heer,  so may be I start with these last ones in order to get back to field grey uniforms.

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