Tuesday, 12 January 2016

American War of Independence - Will McNally's rules - Modelling AWIArtillery

The PSR site is a normal way for us to find useful information on our beloved plastic figures. It also help us save some unuseful buyings like in my opinion with AWI artillery. This is the case of the IMEX artillery, the only company that produces plastic boxes on the subject. The IMEX  figures shown in the PSR site are absolute beauties but the problem comes with the artillery pieces themselves. They are small and without the usual side box between barrel and wheel. Besides no limber or news about it in the future.

So the solution came from the old 7YW Austrian box of artillery. Plenty of poses (15!!!), good barrels and carriages, plenty of horses and riders, everything you need to portray AWI artillery. Of course the uniform is Austrian but it can be adapted easily to all beligerants of this war.The rest is some imagination and a few hours of work.

What you loose from not using the IMEX items are the figures who are real AWI figures while these ones are designed (and well) to the 7 YW which happened in the previous decade. So the uniforms are not the exact ones but they can be changed with a proper paint job.

The Airfix and Esci French or British  Napoleonic artillery will also be useful as you will see.

The 3pdr is made from Airfix French  guncarriages, Revell barrel and styrene stowage boxes.

The 5.5 inch Howitzer barrel  comes from ESCI on a Revell carriage. I didn't completely plugged the wheels into the axis as the gun would be too narrow.

 The 6 pdr are a marriage between Esci and Revell.

The Hessian 4 pdr are the original Revell models without the two connections at the end of the carriage which were typical of the Austrian Flying artillery of the 7YW.

The limbers for the 3/4 pdr are Airfix carriages turned upside down and glued to the horse. The pintle was cut from the part that enters the unecessary wheel.

This time wheels were necessary. The 6 pdr limbers  are again made from Airfix parts that all of us over 30 YO will recognize.

Don't forget to search the Web for good information. Can't remember the site of this page, as I Google for images sometimes and loose track of their origin, but you can see (Left  to Right) the French 4 pdr; the American 6 pdr; the British 6 pdr and the 3 pdr. Also some limbers at the bottom right.