Sunday, 28 January 2018

Models to Swap (1) - 1/87th scale Desert Storm US armored force (ALREADY EXCHANGED)

Here is the deal: my idea is to get rid of all my built, crewed, stowaged and painted 1/87th Roco scale models from the Gulf War as I built my Iraqi oponents in 20mm.

What I propose to any of you is to exchange this collection for a reasonable number ( not necessarily the 38 1/87th scale models shown here ) of 1/72nd- 1/76th scale models of any brand, material (plastic, resin or metal), painted, unpainted, built or boxed, tanks, artillery or Infantry.

 The models I'm after are:

- Modern Russian, US, German Vehicles
- Chieftains
- Early WW2, Polish, Russian, German, and (specially) French (WW1 also)
- Old Airfix ACW
- Chinook and Huey helicopters
- 30YW Revell

Leave a message here and then we can talk by mail, Messenger, FB or whatever.
If we reach an agreement then we can post our stuff to each other free of charge for any of us.
 If you have other 20mm stuff to swap, let me now because they may be of interest to me.

Don't be shy. This is an ecological way of getting rid of unwanted stuff and save the oceans!!

 Roco LAV 25 and variants.

Roco Humvees.

Roco M1A1 Abrams (last 3 are diecast in 1/87th scale)

Roco  Bradleys (the one with the small confederate flag is a  repainted die-cast in 1/87th scale).


  1. I have a large collection of Modern Russian stuff in metal and plastic 20mm 1/72nd scale

  2. If you are interested we can exchange. Are you interested in this 1/87 stuff?

  3. These models are already exchanged for 1/72nd tanks and happily flying to England.